Office Annoyances: 2019 Edition

I wanted my first post of 2019 to be motivational, encouraging, and inspiring. But then my vacation ended, and I came back to the office. And despite my New Year’s Resolution to have more patience and understanding, no amount of “Woo-sahs” could block out all of the workplace annoyances. Now don’t get me wrong…in general I’m a pretty positive person. I have a lot to be thankful for; A loving family, including my new niece (Hey Vivi!), a solid job, a roof over my head, my health, a new season of Greenleaf on Netflix, yadda yadda yadda. But some days, I’ve just HAD IT. And today is one of those days so what better time to reconnect with all of you? What’s put a bee in my bonnet you ask? Well, let’s dive right in:

  1. The Coworker Who Cried Wolf

I work for a medical/science publisher and although I believe we do important work here, we’re not exactly in a life or death business. Our “emergencies” are meeting deadlines and making conferences, getting the right ad in the right issue, and making sure we don’t hit “reply all” by mistake. So it really annoys me when that one overdramatic coworker is running around like his/her hair is on fire. Everything they need is an emergency. I’ve literally had a coworker run over to me before I could even get my coat off and yell “It’s an emergency!” Spoiler alert: It was NOT an emergency. Please feel free to love your work and take it seriously, but don’t flare up my acid reflux with all these non-emergency emergencies!


2. “Busy” Work

As an Assistant Editor, I have the sort of job where you never know what your workload will be like that day. Sure, you can plan out certain tasks based on deadlines, but you never really know what will come at you at any given moment. But even on a “light” day, there is ALWAYS something to do. Emails to answer, papers to file, etc. So I get uber irritated when that one coworker is walking around fake-complaining about how much work he has to do. He’ll bounce from cubicle to cubicle telling everyone how he has sooo many items on his to-do list that he’ll never get through it. If he was actually working, instead of disturbing everyone else to complain about his workload, he could actually finish! (SN: If this person ends up getting a promotion, you have carte blanche to shred everything.)


3. A Change is Gonna Come

I’ve never been one to fight progress. This year my company is going through a lot of administrative changes. We’ve switched healthcare plans, we have new PT policies, and we even have a new payroll app (that makes all of my coworkers over 55 want to throw their phones out the window). We’re moving with the times and I’m here for it! However, what I can’t get on board with is change for change’s sake. I know that when someone is in a new position, it’s important for them to put their stamp on it. You want people to know that you’re in control. But at least be sensical about it! Don’t change policies that are working just so you can say you did something. Sometimes it’s better to sit back and observe, or at least talk to the people in the trenches, before making a decision that will impact everyone. I could say more, but some of my coworkers subscribe to this blog so…


4. If it’s Not One Thing…

Imagine after a long day, you just want to get home and relax. You push through the blistering wind and finally get to your car, just to find this! Rufus was violated in the parking garage while I was at work. And while I can’t blame my company for this (I don’t think), I can still add it to the list of annoying work-related incidents. Don’t worry, right now the mirror is reattached with some classy black duct tape. 2019 is really on a roll!

5. Pass? Pass.

If you read my Pet Peeves post, then you know one of the more annoying parts of my job (or that’s NOT part of my job) is that I’m one of the lucky chosen ones who’s in the rotation to cover the front desk when the receptionist needs her break. Since that post, we’ve put in a clear door that stays locked for protection (no doubt to keep out unhinged ex-employees). We’ve all been issued passes, but for some reason everyone just relies on the receptionist to buzz them in. Covering the desk at lunchtime consists of buzzing in delivery men, mailmen, maintenance workers, and coworkers who don’t want to reach in their pocket and use their pass. Would it be passive-aggressive of me to pretend that the button doesn’t work and just let them stand out there? I would never do this of course, I was just asking. Did I mention some of my coworkers subscribe to this blog?


OK, I think I’ve gotten it all out of my system. I can now slap a smile on my face and pretend to care about all the things again.


What’s annoying YOU at work this year? Drop a comment below.

R. Alexandria